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Salutations to the Summit of Stillness

We would like to dedicate a shloka composed by our Artistic Director, Radha Subramanian, as a reflection of our deepest gratitude and reverence to Mohanji

Spreading happiness and love through Bharatanatyam!

As a part of our founder Mohanji’s birthday celebrations, HSTD Global Member and Level 4 student Biljana Vozarevic presented a joyful dance demonstration at Speak Up, an Educational institute in Serbia, on February 14th – St Valentines Day.

It was a thematic presentation followed by a mini workshop for the kids based on unconditional love and selfless service that Mohanji always emphasises.

The wonder and joy on the kids’ face say it all. Enjoy glimpses from the program. More photos

A Shloka

On the very special occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, we at HSTD offer our humble pranams to our founder and guiding light, Mohanji.

We are ever conscious of the great privilege of his presence and proximity in everything we do.

Happy Birthday, Dearest Mohanji!
More photos

The Awakening Times

We are happy to share the publication of HSTD’s article about the intrinsic connection between Dance and the Divine, in the special edition of the Awakening Times published on the very special occasion of Mohanji’s birthday – Feb 23rd, 2023.

Many thanks to The Awakening Times Magazine for publishing the articles by Sathya Shivakumar, Global member HSTD and Shivakumar Chandrasekaran HSTD content lead, on various topics bringing out the spiritual essence in Dance.

We look forward to continue our strong collaboration with The Awakening Times.

Vibrant Shivarathri during the week of Mohanji’s Birthday

We bring to you snippets from the performance of HSTD student on the occasion of Maha Shivarathri during Mohanji’s birthday week, in Sri Shaniswara Mandir, New York on Feb 18th. It was a dynamic performance by HSTD vibrant student, Vaishavi Randev.

Special thanks to Sri Shaniswara Mandir, New York, for organising this wonderful event.

Enjoy the glimpses from the vibrant performance under the guidance of HSTD Artistic Director, Radha Subramanian. More photos

Behind the Scenes

As soon as we came to know that Mohanji’s birthday is being celebrated at Puri Jagannath, we decided to offer a dance recital exclusively for his birthday.

Looking back this is a little sacred journey in itself. Compositions of Guru shlokas which of course spontaneously manifested, recording of songs, costume design, choreography, time management, the pains taking efforts of the children learning every new song, back to back rehearsals, online offline classes coordination, consistent efforts by all the team members, Gejje pooja, dress rehearsal, children helping one another with make up and costumes have all gone behind this production.

Needless to say, Mohanji’s grace is the guiding light from start to finish.
Photo credits – Bimal Nair More photos

HSTD’s performance in Puri

Glimpses from the HSTD’s dance performance on Mohanji’s birthday celebrations at Puri Jagannath on Feb 23rd 2023.

Photo credits – Bimal Nair, Sarada Prasanna Sahoo, Tea Klincov More photos

Edited and Published by – Team HSTD (Copyright HSTD)


Published by HSTD Dance Diaries

Himalayan School of Traditional Dance founded by Brahmarishi Mohanji brings to you the traditional dance forms in their pure form, available and accessible to one and all. This blog offers experiences on this journey - from dance to dissolution.

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